funny truth or dare questions

Funny Truth Or Dare Questions

The truth or dare questions party game is indeed funny, enjoyable and very much interesting to play. This game is not only played by teenagers or kids but also adults and by larger extension anyone looking for fun and a new challenge.

This game is, in fact, one of the most popular and enjoyable party game that you can find. This game never fails to entertain and if you want to kill boredom and have unlimited fun and laughter, this game is for you.

Here below is a list of funny truth or dare ideas that you can try the next time you are with friends and are wondering on an icebreaker that can liven up the situation.

funny truth or dare questions

List of funny truth questions

  1. What is the funniest thing you have ever done?
    2. What is one thing that makes you laugh when you remember it?
    3. Have you ever got embarrassed in a public place?
    4. Have you ever been caught relieving yourself in a public place?
    5. Have you ever been caught doing weird thing by your boyfriend/girlfriend?
    6. What was your favorite cartoon character as a kid?
    7. Did you ever watch Tom and Jerry as a kid? did you enjoy watching it?
    8. Did you ever go on for a whole week without taking a shower or brushing your teeth? how was the experience like?
    9. What was the funniest thing said about you by other students in school?
    10. What is something you did that you would never want to be reminded again?

List of funny dares

  1. Smell the armpit of the person sitting next to you (whether a boy or girl)
    2. Brush your teeth with a used toothbrush you found somewhere
    3. Go to a supermarket and disarrange the stock in the shelves
    4. Go to a supermarket and shoplift and when caught, say “i though the goods are free of charge”
    5. Clean your teeth with a piece of cloth in public
    6. Ask a stranger for a date
    7. Go to the streets and ask people for financial help
    8. Bite the ear of the person sitting next to you
    9. Undress and dress again in a public place.
    10. Wear clothes meant for the opposite sex and go for a short walk

Hope this content is useful for you guys, we come up with some more interesting content for our readers which will be totally based on word games and other fun making questioning games. Truth or dare is not only being a game of fun it also a game that helps you to a better understanding of your friend or your loved ones. So let get started with some interesting topic, we want our readers to share some interesting truth or dare question which they came across with there friends. If there is any kindly share it here, we always love to hear from our reader. Which will help us in improving our content and making it more interesting for our readers? Have a fun gameplay. All the best.

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